More likely than not, the phrase "Brave Browser" (Brave for short) means nothing to you. But in 2018, Brave had 5.5 million users, and now with the promise of passive revenue streams, I am confident that the stats of 2019 will be more impressive.

Before we get into easy revenue streams, let's talk a little about Brave. Their catchphrase is:

Why use a browser that treats you like one? Enjoy private, secure and fast browsing with Brave.

Other points they are  boasting:

  • 22% speed improvement on desktop by ad-blocking and other features.
  • Mobile growth.
  • Integration of Tor in private windows.
  • 7X growth for Verified Publishers.
  • Policy and Industry Relations focused on privacy.
  • Blockchain technology.
  • Revenue streams.

Right now, there are two methods of generating revenue with Brave.
The less reliable one is the tipping mechanism which relies on people voluntarily tipping you for your content, and the more predictable one is the advertising mechanism which is not available globally. Both depend on using Brave and getting paid in BAT - Basic Attention Token, which is a utility token which can be exchanged to Fiat Currency (Euro, Dollar, etc) or anything else.


How tipping works is you register yourself as a verified brave creator, then you follow a few more steps to activate tipping on your platform. Once done, users visiting your platform will then have the option to tip you through Brave. The process is ok-ish; we will go through it in detail in another post.
Tipping is impressive because the amount of BAT you can make is unlimited, and it integrates with major platforms like Twitter, YouTube, etc.
The issue I have with this method is the naming. Tipping is a cultural act. In the USA, tipping is pretty standard practice, but in other parts of the world, it isn't.
While Brave supports tipping monthly (Auto-Contribute), the word tipping implies something more sporadic, making it challenging to create a stable revenue flow for the creators, but a revenue flow none the less.
I would love to see tipping become a steady revenue stream; that way, content creators wouldn't have to depend on the hidden workings of centralized services like to get revenue.

Brave Browser Ads

The other mechanism of generating passive income is activating the Ads system in the reward settings. This feature is not available in all countries.
The way it works is you will receive a notification that there is an add tailored for you to open. You can choose to open it or not.  If you open it, Brave will pay you 70% of the revenue of the Ad in BAT.
I don't have this feature in my country, so I can't say how much it pays off.

Final thoughts

If you are planning to use Brave and BAT as a revenue stream, don't quit your day job just yet.

The real beauty of these two revenue streams is, you can passively open Ads, then use the revenue received from that to support your favourite content creators. All you need to do is switch browsers.
There are other Browsers out there, but to my knowledge, none of them are offering revenue streams or an easy way to support your favourite creators while respecting your security and privacy.
There is one drawback, the Brave/BAT Project is still under development and currently Brave uses another service, Uphold, to payout the BAT. This is suboptimal because of the registration step and because Uphold enforces a KYC policy (Know your customer).

Do you use Brave browser or even know about it?
What do you think about the revenue systems?

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